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About The Practice


About Dr. Schneider & Lakeside Neurology and Wellness Center

Dr. Lori Schneider, MD, is a board-certified neurologist and medical acupuncturist providing high-quality care to her patients since 1994. She proudly announces that her practice has expanded into Lakeside Neurology and Wellness Center.

Services at Lakeside Neurology and Wellness Center now include massage therapy performed by a highly experienced certified therapist. We also offer micro-needling with PRP, chemical peels, cosmetic Botox, acupuncture, and Alpha-Stim treatment and training. Alpha-Stim is FDA-cleared for treating pain, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Available medical screens include blood work for vitamin deficiencies and delayed food allergies, EMG/NCV studies to screen for nerve and muscle disorders, and the TM-Flow Study, a noninvasive assessment of cardiometabolic health and a screen for peripheral arterial disease and small fiber neuropathy. As of July 2023, we will offer restorative yoga and meditation sessions.

At Lakeside Neurology and Wellness Center, we pride ourselves on being a small, independent medical practice that can provide our patients with the compassion and care they deserve!



Lakeside Neurology and Wellness Center
19615 Liverpool Pkwy., Ste A
Cornelius, NC 28031
Phone: 910-877-8964
Fax: 704-896-5809

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