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Neck And Back Pain Specialist

Lakeside Neurology and Wellness Center -  - Neurologist

Lori Schneider, MD

Neurologist & Medical Acupuncturist located in Cornelius, NC and serving patients from Huntersville, Davidson, Mooresville, Charlotte and Denver, NC

When you can’t stay physically active because of chronic neck and back pain, Lori Schneider, MD, a board-certified neurologist, can help. At Lakeside Neurology and Wellness Center in Cornelius, North Carolina, Dr. Schneider offers diagnostic and treatment services for neck and back pain. She specializes in acupuncture and physical therapy programs to strengthen your muscles, improve your flexibility, and prevent overuse injuries. To find out more about the treatments available for neck and back pain, call Lakeside Neurology and Wellness Center, or request an appointment online today.

Neck and Back Pain Q & A

What causes neck and back pain?

Persistent neck and back pain can result for a number of reasons. Many people experience neck and back pain because they overuse their muscles at work or during strenuous activities, like sports and exercise.

You may also experience neck and back pain due to:

  • Trauma
  • Fractures
  • Poor posture
  • Soft tissue tears
  • Age-related spine changes
  • Herniated or bulging disc
  • Arthritis
  • Degenerative spine disorders
  • Spinal stenosis

If your neck or back pain is getting worse even with home care, it’s important that you schedule a diagnostic evaluation at Lakeside Neurology and Wellness Center.

How is neck and back pain diagnosed?

To better understand the root cause of your neck or back pain, Dr. Schneider takes time to review your personal and family medical history. She also discusses your job and usual activities to see how they contribute to your pain.

To rule out muscle injuries or a fracture, Dr. Schneider may request X-rays or other imaging tests like MRI. She also offers electromyography and nerve conduction velocity studies to identify muscle and nerve issues in your neck and back.

Once she identifies the underlying cause of your pain, Dr. Schneider customizes a treatment plan to quickly relieve your pain and prevent additional health complications.

How is neck and back pain treated?

Your treatment plan for neck and back pain depends on the root cause of your pain and how severe it is. In many cases, Dr. Schneider is able to treat neck and back pain with holistic therapies to reduce your reliance on pain-relieving medications. Options include:

Physical therapy

Physical therapy is effective at relaxing and strengthening the muscles that support your spine. Dr. Schneider can also recommend at-home exercises that you can do to protect your spine and improve your overall health.


Dr. Schneider uses acupuncture, a traditional Chinese practice that involves inserting fine needles into different areas of your body, to stimulate your natural healing ability, and rebalance the flow of energy through your body.

Natural supplements

Natural supplements from Physician Therapeutics® are effective at relieving pain, inflammation, and the numbness and tingling that occurs from peripheral neuropathy. If you need medication, these supplements can help optimize their effectiveness. 

CBD products can also help relieve back and neck pain.

If you have chronic neck or back pain, the Fisher Wallace Stimulator® may be a treatment option. 

Through these therapies, Dr. Schneider focuses on reducing the need for pain medications and invasive procedures, including surgery.

If you’re limited in what you can do due to chronic back or neck pain, schedule a diagnostic evaluation at Lakeside Neurology and Wellness Center by calling the office or by requesting an appointment online today.