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3 All-Natural Treatments for Neuropathy

About 20 million people in the United States have some form of neuropathy, or nerve damage in the peripheral nervous system.That figure may actually be quite a bit higher, given that many people with the disorder go undiagnosed. 

Once you learn that you have neuropathy, embracing ways to manage your symptoms — from tingling and weakness to throbbing pain — can help you lead a fuller, healthier life.

At Lakeside Neurology in Cornelius, North Carolina, our board-certified neurologist Dr. Lori Schneider offers onsite testing and customized, holistic treatment plans for neuropathy to minimize its effects both now and in the future. 

Your plan may include therapies like acupuncture, supplements, and physical therapy. Read on to learn more about these all-natural treatments for neuropathy and how they might benefit you.

1. Acupuncture

Acupuncture uses tiny needles inserted at specific pressure points in your body. It’s been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine to restore energy flow, or qi, in the body. 

Western medicine has embraced acupuncture as a means of stimulating your muscles and nerves, leading to improved blood circulation, enhanced healing, and reduced pain. 

In a pilot study involving 47 people with peripheral neuropathy, 76% of participants showed improved symptoms after receiving acupuncture treatment.

2. Supplements

Supplements can provide natural alternatives to drug-based therapies or work alongside your medications to bring maximum comfort and relief from neuropathy symptoms. 

We often recommend natural supplements and CBD-based products from Green Roads and Medix CBD for boosted health and reduced dependency on pain-relieving drugs. 

While research is limited, studies have shown that CBD oil significantly reduces pain in people with neuropathy. CBD products are available as an oil you add to a beverage or place directly on your tongue, as well as gummies and topical cream.

3. Physical therapy

Physical therapy can be helpful for managing your neuropathy symptoms by improving blood flow throughout your body and strengthening your muscles. When performed regularly, the exercises may also reduce neuropathy pain and enhance blood sugar control. 

This is important given that diabetes is a risk factor for neuropathy and related complications. Because diabetic neuropathy usually affects nerves in the legs and feet, professionally supported therapeutic exercise can make a valuable difference in your ability to stay safely mobile.

Your physical therapy program for neuropathy will likely have four components: 

To learn more about all-natural treatments for neuropathy or get the care you need, call our office or request an appointment online today.

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